The de Puppi family has owned the estate for generations.

Of Tuscan origins, the de Puppi’s descend from the renowned Guidi family, lords of Poppi in Casentino. Dante Alighieri, in a passage of the Divine Comedy, cites the Guidi’s, a testament to the power and prestige of this ancient clan.


The war between Guelfi and Ghibellini created conflict and division within the Guidi family.  As a result, a branch of the family left Florence  and settled in Friuli in 1200. Thus creating a new story, that of the de Puppi’s.



Once established in Friuli, from the middle of the fourteenth century until the fall of the aristocratic regime, the family took part in the council of the nobility of Cividale. Land owners and leaders of mercenary troops, the family gave Friuli a series of prominent figures who distinguished themselves in politics, justice and within the ecclesiastical hierarchy.


In 1703 Leopold of Austria, in recognition of the family’s important contribution, honoured them with the tittle of “Conti del Sacro Romano Impero” (Counts of the Holy Roman Empire).



Our family has always played an active role in the running of the vineyard. Our firm belief in tradition and respect for our Land fused with innovation and technology thanks to the help of the new generations.


Our roots help shape our approach to cultivation and production, whilst never getting in the way of an innovative outlook which sets us apart.