Ribolla Gialla


WINEMAKING: The special microclimate on the Rosazzo hills makes it possible for us to cultivate grapes that are naturally healthy and suitable for drying. These grapes are picked only at the end of September, well past their ripening time. The harvest is exclusively handpicked and placed in small wooden boxes, which are taken to the cellar for a 48 h. maceration. The must is naturally clarified at low temperatures. The result is a well-built full-bodied wine, characterized by freshness and spicy aromas that make it well balanced and elegant

VARIETY: Ribolla Gialla 100%

APPEARANCE: Straw yellow with golden tones

NOSE: Delicate and elegant, with white flowers and honey fragrances

PALATE: Fresh, with sweet exotic fruit aromas

FOOD MATCHINGS: Wonderful as an aperitif, perfect with fish based courses and vegetable soups

AGEING: 3 years