Azienda Vinicola da 10 generazioni in Friuli Venezia Giulia

The Winery

The ancient tradition that meets the most modern cultivation techniques
Every bunch of grapes, every land, every project which we put into action is a new beginning, a quest to the limits of an ever-higher quality. Passion and dedication have always led us to carry out our work as wine producers with the aim of expressing to its fullest the potential of our land: Friuli.

Conti de Puppi


Discovering the flavors of the land, through a selection of fine grapes
De Puppi’s wines come from selected grapes and are processed according to the highest standards, in order to offer a taste that enhances the value of the land we cultivate with care and dedication.


A constant commitment to offer high quality levels
The fusion of grapes coming from hills, which ensure structure and width, with those coming from the plain, which bring perfume and elegance, gives a unique, full-bodied and balanced wine, appreciated by the enological criticism.


We make wine with a thought for our customers ...

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